Happy Monday!

Good morning!! In case you missed the previous blog post that I did in partnership with Goodwill Industries I have included it below.  I would love to hear from you and see how the search for "Fashion Treasure" at Goodwill has been!  Have you been able to locate some of your own "Fashion Treasure"? 

Just in case you missed my personal routine and tricks - here they are again ... or you can see the featured post at www.goodwillsc.org!

Through my personal experience, I have found if you carefully select the correct items; your sense of style can easily distinguish who you are and what you stand for without ever having to speak!  To elaborate,  I personally enjoy high-end designer pieces;  paired with vintage accessories to provide a classic, polished, but yet trendy appearance.


On the drive over to your local Goodwill, brainstorm and think about what upcoming functions you may have blocked out on your calendar, such as business meetings, vacations, kid functions, and family events.


Next, enter your local Goodwill with an open mind! If you intend on visiting a local store with a specific item in mind, you definitely run the chance of feeling overwhelmed.


Take a moment when entering to learn the layout of the store.  The staff will gladly explain how their store is set-up. (Every store is different so it’s always a good idea to learn how they categorize their racks.)


Start with one rack at a time (always ensure you are shopping a rack in your size). As you shop, pull the items that peak your interest (check the item to ensure it’s the quality you want in a wardrobe piece). You get the idea!

** Personal tip:  When styling an outfit don’t get carried away with the designer, but more so with the cut, quality, length, and how it fits your body shape.


By now I feel sure you will have a cart full of “fashion treasure”.  Take a moment to look at each item and determine if it meets the needs of those upcoming plans on your calendar.  As you determine which items fit your needs and how you can use them – think about items you already own in your wardrobe or if the item could be paired multiple ways.


Now that you have organized your treasures, roll that full cart to the fitting room!  I personally suggest trying on each and every item.  Remember, sizes on tags can be tricky due to previous wear and the former owner’s laundry routine. Sizes also vary amongst designers from different eras. Just because the tag says “small or medium” it may currently have a different fit.


On to my FAVORITE part! Collect all your final selections from your mini fashion show in the dressing room and move on to accessories.  As we all know, this is where you can often spend a small fortune in a retail store to pull off a special “look”.  However, in Goodwill, this is the cheapest and BEST part.  This is the extra touch that differentiates you from your friends who shop the mall’s mannequins and guarantees you WILL be unique.  My personal preference is to include one or two “” items. Those can be vintage jewelry, a clutch, hat, etc. This turns a nice ensemble into a stellar one!


Don’t be scared to stand out! Wear your new creation while confidently owning your new sense of style. As my favorite fashion saying says,

“Fashion is what you buy, STYLE is what you do with it!”  

Happy thrifting and enjoy creating your personal style! XO - Lindsay "The Thrifty Southern Belle"